Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where your money is going...

Budget talks are hot on the table here in Mississauga with the 2012 budget.  Trending topics are that Taxes are rising, bus fares going up, programs being potentially cut or put on hold. 

Here's a few reads on the topic:

 City taxes going up, up, up 

 City working on 2012 Budget 

 Plans for the future.. 

 2012 Budget Overview Presentation (Pdf file) 

 Budget Committe Recap 

Your invited to Mayor's Budget Meeting

Mayor Hazel McCallion invites residents to a town hall meeting tonight to discuss the City's Budget for 2012.   Click here for more details.   Those who can't be there in person may still participate virtually through Twitter.   The session will be broadcasted through Rogers10 and streamed at   If you would like to ask questions you may email them to 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Control your car with the swipe of a hand

Is it just me or does it seem like everything technology-future based we saw in the movies in the 90's and early 2000's has either been made or is in its early development stage.  From Robots (I'm telling you one day they'll take over), Psychological Stimulant Drugs , Wet Wear (electronics on the body), Financial Chips on phones or implanted in you (Google Wallet) and much more craziness is being tried, tested and developed.

Take for instance Mercedes new toy the DICE  (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience).  Mercedes' built a car interior which is supposed to be motion controlled.  There seem to be a few kinks to work out but definitely something I think we will see in the future.   Have a look at the video and check out Engadget's original article on the subject. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo Shoots, Vault Update, New Creatures.... busy B

Definitely making some Pho this coming week, I've been lofting on cooking this for a while.  Chez Blodg has been slacking on the kitchen front.  Its going to busy a busy week with a number of photo shoots I have planned.  Also I'm really looking forward to heading down to Niagara and Buffalo next weekend.  Lots of interesting things to photograph in the Niagara/Buffalo area... Camera will be making an appearance.   Henry's Camera, Best Buy and Target are on the hit list as well once they let me out this zoo.  Planning to hit up CheeseCake Factory too for some good eats.  Price point pending I'm really hoping to be able to finally video throwing this laptop off the balcony upon my return (long overdue).  This post was suppose to be done a while ago. 

The Toy Vault has been updated once again with a few new editions so watch for out for the pics this coming week.   I will be adding a couple new little guys to the aquarium towards the end of the week.  All is going well so far in Aqualand. 

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Thank you for all the love and continued support wishing you a great week
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Just cooked a Greasy Artery Cloggin Brunch ... mmmmm







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