Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dark of the Moon 3D Blue Ray....

Not sure why I didn't post this earlier but for all your Transformers Fans Dark of the Moon 3D Blue Ray comes out January 31st. 

One way to sober up

Take a dip in Lake Ontario but leave your car on the shore, well unless you've had a few too many.  I'm not going to knock this guy as I was no Angel when I was 20, seems like this is a gentle way to sober up real quick, compared to what could of happened.  So in Toronto a man was driving home from Queens Quay (pronounced Key) earlier this morning and didn't see that the road was ending.  I have a rough idea of where this is and it can be a little dark down there on a winter morning, nevertheless the young gentlemen ended up taking what must of been a cold shower (last night was real cold here).  Not seeing the road was ending he took a plunge into the lake car and all.  The guy was rescued by a bunch of people who happened to be out.   Ah drinking and driving, responsibility, risks.. no need to elaborate.  Life just spoke to this young man and in many ways he got off with a very stern warning.  Thankfully no one was hurt.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buck Buck Buck How to eat the Bird

Okay so this topic may strike a few cords, touch a few nerves, rubs a couple funny bones...Apparently there is a "correct" way to eat a Chicken Wing.  I'm not knocking anyone who believes this is the way to go but myself I prefer to grab the wing and go Ape (  ) on it!  But that's just me. 

Original post   via  TorontoWriter (Go pay them a visit)

Wedding Show

For all those entering the journey of Marriage the Mississauga Convention Center will be hosting their annaul Perfect Wedding Show beginning Jan 13 running until the 15th

In Anticipation of Chinese New

Get your Chinese New Year off to an early start as The Living Arts Center will be hosting Shen Yun show including Classical Chinese Dance, story telling myths, and showcasing traditional Chinese Culture.  The Show runs from January 19-22 2012.

Enter the Studio

For those of you looking at getting into music and production Metal Works Institute Mississauga is having an Open House this Sunday at 1:00pm.  For Details visit the site

Take off your 3D glasses

Not to long ago I remember discussing with a friend the new 3D technology, movies and tvs.  In that conversation I remember him saying that he would be waiting a few years before considering whether to buy a 3D TV because by then manufacturers would have found a way to watch 3D without the glasses.  You can imagine my suprise tonight hearing that Sony displayed their first models at CES in Vegas.  So we have now officially entered the era of 3D without glasses.  I still stand by my arguement that 3D should be the exception not the norm but as with all things tech eventually the markets will force us to buy them.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I camera I phone I spy I something

"Its a iPhone!"

"No its a Camera!"

"No dude its a Camera phone"

Actually its a  Gizmon.  The Gizmon iCA  is an iPhone case, check this, made up of 32  Polycarbonate parts.  Poly who?  Polycarbonate silly. Basically  Polycarbonate is a very tough plastic. But the cool thing about it is the camera features.  Thats right its a case with a camera, or its a camera with a case, either way its a Gizmon. 

The Gizmon is designed to be attached to the iPhone or the iPhone attaches to the case either way you choose Gizmon touts a bunch of accessories as well including a flash attachment and a bunch of lens options (pictured below or above .. where ever Blogaway decides to put it)

If you like a Leica…LOOK at this! 

10000 views Thank You for the Love!!

Last night Bloggin Blodgett's page hit 10,000 views.  Much love to everyone who made this possible.  When I first started Bloggin Blodgett six months ago as with all new ventures there is a hesitation how is this going to work out? What is the feedback going to be?  Getting into a routine took a while between working fulltime and maintaining a balance in my personal relationships but it has all panned out.  So we journey forward as I stomp the Mississauga streets sharing my adventures with yours truly.  Lots of great things in store for the coming year from contests to photography, more event coverage, cooking to clothing thank you for your continued love and support.   When we hit 500,000 Bloggin B is giving away a TV and at a million hits we're throwing a party.  Much love Bloggin Blodgett

PS of course you know I had a Crest to Celebrate.  Its a Sauga thing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tweeting with music

Want to tweet and listen to music...

 The Echo Nest teams with Twitter to integrate tweets into music apps 

Finally the Autobot Ark comes to the Vault

Well it was about 6 months ago that I first mentioned the Transformers Autobot Ark.  I have been waiting for this toy since last summer.  For those unfamiliar the Ark is an Autobot ship.  Well I finally picked this up for a decent price point too.  The toy transforms from ship into the Autobot Battle Station including a prison for Decepticons.  There's a few sound effects when transforming the ship to its battle station along with with your typical lazer gun sounds.  The cool thing about this Battle Station is it has a whole mini-toyline (Cyberverse) which you can use with it. 

Also the package comes with the Autobot Roller the Lunar Rover transformer seen in Dark of the Moon when the Autobots go to see their ship on the moon. Thus my Cyberverse collection has begun.  More to come and need to find a place to store these Mini Sets.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Breakfast of champs for dinner

Ahh the breakfast of champions for dinner.  Sometimes its just great to eat unhealthy food.  Eggs topped off with Corn beef, rice and seasoned with Franks Red Hot.   Mmmmm. 

Merry Christmas from Walmart

 The nice people over at Walmart Canada want to give you a break after the big spending Christmas that just passed.  Walmart is having a major Rollback on approximately 7000 items.  More details can be found over at the Mississauga News' Press Release

Join us on Facebook

As you may have heard last week Bloggin Blodgett gave away a $100 gift certificate for Christmas in appreciation for all the love and support from the fans and follower of  Bloggin B.  Join us over at Facebook  for lots more of that goodness this coming year.   

Criminal runs away from Monestery to go back to prison

And you thought being a monk was an easy deal.  This is an interesting story about a criminal who was serving his sentence at a Monastery instead of prison and runs away for the second time in order to be put back in jail citing living with the monks is too hard compared to living in jail.

Criminal serving time with monks beg to be sent back to prison

Mississauga 2012 Budget Open House

For those interested in how your financial contributions (tax money) is being utilized are invited on Wednesday at 7:00 pm to an Open House which will discuss what is on the agenda for 2012.  More info can be found here.

Sunny day

Its always nice to start the week to a colorful sunrise.  One of these days I'm actually going to get up to do a Mississauga by the dawn photo shoot.  Lots of stuff on the agenda this week stay tuned. Have a great week and thanks for following.  

MIA - working on the tank

Bloggin B has been MIA for a few days I do apologize.  One of the contributing factors (amongst others) has been the new 90 Gallon tank I purchased on New Years day which was previously noted here but for some strange reason the picture never uploaded.   So here are a few pics of the setup from day one along with some new pics of plant additions and some of the first creatures to be added.

Day One

So the first thing to do was to cycle the water.  Cycling the tank is the process where you prepare the aquarium for fish to live in.  There is a big chemical difference between tap water and freshwater or saltwater. Normally the rule of thumb is to let the water run through the filter for 24 hours before adding any fish I gave this bad boy 48 hours as its a little bigger tank and I have no need to rush in transferring the fish from the other tank.  As you can see the water is cloudy which is a result of both the cycling the process and the addition of the substrate which I choose to use a small gravel this time around.  I find sand gets too messy especially during cleaning time.

Day 2

 Second day I  added a few plants (close ups below), log and Mr Daewon's (Newt) lily pad and floating log.  Actually I plan on adding a Red Root Floater to give him a real plant to hang out on.

This plant (Water Hedge/ Didiplis Diadra) is really cool and will gradually turn partially brown once I have begun adding C02 and nutrient supplements.  

The Second plant is the Ozelot Sword which is a really tall plant and may eventually out grow the tank.

The third plant is a variant of the Corkscrew Val plant which I picked up on sale at Pet Smart. 

Next comes the awesome Banana Plant which floats around and sprout leaves at the top of the plant. 

Day 3

I began to add a couple small aqua-critters which will help begin the nitrogen cycle.  This is essentially where the tank begins to develop its waste decomposing system.  One thing many people do with a new aquarium is add 20 fish and then a week later most of their fish are dead.  A tank, including an established tank, needs to gradually develop the proper levels of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates which control the break down of the waste.  If any of these levels fluctuate too much your fish will die as Ammonia is highly toxic even in very small amounts. You can read more here if you want.  So I added the following water dudes to the tank

Assassin Snail

Assassin snails are really cool snails which I find quite amusing and necessary.  Anyone who has run a planted tank will attest to the fact that sooner or later you are going to have a snail problem.  Usually snails are transferred via plants, specifically located on the roots which at the time of purchase often are invisible to the eye because this is where the eggs are often found.  Assassin snails help to alleviate this problem because they ultimately assassinate any other snails they find.  These colorful little guys only eat other snails.  Second I am a fan of aquarium snails because they help to keep the bottom of the tank clean but the problem with many other species of snails they eat the plants more than they clean which is annoying so I vouch for these little dudes.

Ghost Shrimps

I purchase these guys in bulk as they are cheaper and serve a few purposes.  There are about twenty in the tank right now.  These guys clean the bottom of the tank from all left over waste. They grow about an inch and a half.

Platinum Hatchet Fish

So this is the first fish I added.  It is really small right now but will end up about 3 inches.  He cruises along the top of the water most of the time and it is the first time I have actually come across this particular species so I picked him up.

That's all for now but I will be adding more fish in the coming weeks very gradually along with more plants.  Stay tuned.
Aqua Blodgett