Saturday, August 27, 2011

History Matters and researching for new blog section Mississauga History

There's an old saying "if you don't know where you came from how can you get to where you're going?"

I have always been a lover of arts, culture, religion and history.  Once some one said "you seem like you are very modern but you are very cultured.  A rather interesting contradiction"  I agree but I also believe that we should have a healthy respect for our history, traditions, religion and cultures.  I have never been fond of the ideology that plagues my fellow younglings and the lack of respect for History and yet the obsession with pop culture and modern technology while at the same time having little interest in their own culture. 

This is sad!  I am a full fledged Canadian!   I am a 3rd generation Canadian there's even a little of the Native blood running in these veins if you go back a few generations.  Not sure if that last part is true or one of late Auntie Roe's Fables she told of our relationship to Princess Lily Feather and Chief Shot-in-both-sides.  But on the lighter side I have been thinking of a way to include in this Blog some of the Cultural and Historical aspects of Mississauga.  Not many of the people who now live in Downtown City Center would even remember the Ol man's Farm on Eglinton.    Being a 3rd generation Canadian I envy people who come here and have a cultural tradition.  While some argue that Canada has its own culture and tradition I mean Culture more in the sense of Filipino, Spanish, Indian etc..   It is actually kind of sad that so many young people feel embarrassed that their parents want to incorporate some cultural traditions in their lives.  But thanks to James Dean being cool still seems to plague our young minds, malls, Tim Horton's and School Parking Lots heck even Churches.

So as I brainstorm keep tuned to the Bat channel for Bloggin Blodgett will be adding a new category to the Blog: Sauga back in the day.  For now if it pleases you have a look at this site Heritage Mississauga   a site I stumbled upon while doing some research on the Villages and Lost Villages of Mississauga.  Stay tuned for the new category in the coming months.

Old Skool Blodgett

Dj Vader Turn the beat up!

After a wild storm came ripping through Mississauga on Wednesday another wild storm was brewing the following Thursday... Thirsty Thursday.  Bloggin Blodgett and DJ Vader met up for another session of The Garage Talk Chronicles.  On the agenda this week was a number of topics but one in particular was music production.  DJ Vader is a producer of Drum and Bass and some hip hop.  Vader has released a few EPs on I tunes you can follow him on Twitter as well as SoundCloud a newer Social Music Community.

Raised in Mississauga he has spent much of the last ten years outside of school and work developing his production skills.  This was one of the topics on the table as we enjoyed a bit of Crest and Remy Ma.  While in his own right DJ Vader is a humble man yet he still recognizes his own growth as a producer.  I have had the privilege of knowing him for about 16 years and we spent much of our high school lunches together  listening to hip hop mix-tape cassettes sharing headphones one ear bud in an ear sharing a little box of french fries.  This is where much of the love for the underground began for F.O.2.d.X .as we have always called him.  It was during the commercialization of the Rave Scene where underground for a short lived time came into the spot light and this is where Vader stumbled upon DNB and in so many words fell in love.  Since the early 2000's he has spent time making mix-tapes and slowly began to throw his own track's in the mix.  Since then he has in many ways begun the road to perfecting his sound.  A few years back Vader launched Sinister Recordings the label which he now releases his EPs under.  A dream of Vader's that dates back to the origin of the term of Sinister Six itself but that's a long story that we'll save for another day.

About four years ago Vader also began experimenting with Hip Hop production and this in some ways ties in with how The Garage Talk Chronicles began as well as Thirsty Thursday's. So this past Thursday we were discussing a little about Classical Hip Hop and the new music which later sparked a discussion about the evolution of music production which in essence sparked the topic of this blog post.

Music production has come a long way.  From records to crackling tapes, to when DJ's were actual DJ's and mixed songs (hence mix-tapes) ... now they just yell words over songs they were given to promote.  A conversation that DJ Vader and I have had and a style that we have criticized relentlessly for some time.  Music now is much different than when we were growing.  Most of it is electronically produced and that's why much of the DNB, Trance, Dub Step and many of the new Rap sounds is mixed in the category of Electronica.  That being said there is a lot of tools that help with the trade.  While the latest pirated apps may assist a producer, Vader has been around long enough to have experimented with a variety of equipment.  His growth as a producer has begun to emerge as his own sound style takes to the streets, the radio and now his own commercial releases.  Keep an ear to SoundCloud for upcoming projects and mix cds.

Look for Part II of Garage Talk Chronicles : Turn the Beat Up  this weekend.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Some more pics from Mississauga Tornado Watch

You can view the rest of the album at BlodgettFreezeFrame

Lego my Eggo

These look really sweet.  Damn I wish I was a kid today!!!  Unimog by Lego thanks to Gizmag

New DOTM Toys: Sergeant Noble Tailpipe & Pinpointer and Sideswipe

I came across these bad boys over at Zellars last week and I couldn't resist. 
I believe the Sideswipe (to the left) has two different versions this being the more colorful of the two.  Tailpipe and Pinpointer are pretty awesome figures too.  Have a look at a few images I snapped real quick.  "BlogginBlodge Roll Out!!!!!!"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoe that generates energy

Want to charge your phone while getting some exercise? Well not quite but this interesting concept of energy generating shoes is being developed and may just be around the corner.... Have a look over at gizmag.

Mississauga Tornado Watch Photos

As promised here are few photos from last nights storm.  You can find more pictures at BlodgettFreezeFrame.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tornado watch

The round about shoot had to wait tonight.  Still on the agenda but the big lightning show was in focus for BlodgettFreezeFrame.  That was an awesome storm I must say big ups to mother nature.  My Henry's gift cards which I received for my birthday last weekend are going towards a nice tripod.  My arms are tired to say the least after 3 hours of shooting.  I'm off for some r&r so the uploads will have to wait for the morning.  Snoozing Blodgett signing off.   Zzzzzz

Taste of streetsville

Streetsville cuisine is doing it up big next month. From September 15th to October 7th the little village in western Mississauga will hold their third annual Taste of Streetsville event.   Read more here

Round n R ound we go.....

Tonight weather pending Freezeframeblodgett will be heading over to the city center to shoot the new round about.  Look for pictures later today....

Monday, August 22, 2011

An opinion

The Gospel reading from last Sunday (Mt 16:13-20) has always been a point of contention for many people.  It is a hard hitting statement of faith.  The story centers on the time when  Jesus asks the disciples "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?" 

The answers given are various and full of different opinions.  Much like the approach that people have today, Jesus is viewed as an opinion.  Some people believe he was a nice guy.  Others think He is a Prophet.  Some believe He was a fable. Some people believe He was a heretic.  To some He is The Truth the living Son of God.  In many ways Jesus is still looked upon as someone to have an opinion about.  But there are those who hold a very different belief, a belief which often the world has a hard time grasping.  Catholics believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  They also believe that the Catholic Church which this reading further touches upon was founded by Jesus Christ and was entrusted to Saint Peter in the Papal Office.  There are many people who have difficulty with this and it mainly boils down to misunderstanding what these scripture passages mean.  It is also one of the many reasons why there is so much division between Christians and even Catholics.  Today you still will hear all kinds of arguing on why the Catholic Church should ordain woman, change its teachings on sexuality, and allow divorce amongst other things.  What people often do not understand is that the Church proclaims that Jesus is Truth.  What this means to Catholics is that all the teachings that come from Jesus are true for all time periods.  As Catholics we believe that Jesus is the Eternal Truth unchanging and unchangeable.  This essentially means that because a particular opinion or world view is popular today that doesn't change what is fundamentally true.  In the eyes of the Catholic Faith Jesus' teachings are not opinions and I think that is where the most confusion about what the Catholic Faith is comes in.  This is why the Church cannot change its teachings because according to the premise of whose message they are proclaiming it is unchangeable.  So are the laws and traditions that Jesus established in His Church unchangeable.  It is no different than trying to change the name of a monkey.  The name or way of understanding what to call the monkey may evolve but the fundamental element of what the monkey is does not change.  And it can't be changed.  It is the same with the Church. 

Birthday dinner

Bloggin Blodgett celebrated his 30th birthday for the third time yesterday.  It was a fun filled evening with the family.  Instead of going out for a buffet which we've done for the last few years I decided to have a mini buffet of some of my favorite foods.  With just under 3 hours of prep time and cooking it turned out to be a great meal that the whole family enjoyed.  On the menu was Jerk Chicken, Couscous Stuffed Peppers, Greek Rice, Grilled Lamb, Chez Blodge's Spinach Salad and a few home made appetizers.  Of Course birthday dinner is never complete without a little Cheesecake and Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.  I may just post a few of these recipes in the coming week. 

Also some new pics of Ultimate Optimus who my brother and brother in law spent some time transforming while hanging out over some Pina Coladas.


Thanks to everyone for the birthday greets as well.
Older Blodgett